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How To Earn Vaccines at IBI

Running out of questions to do? Not sure how to earn more vaccines to climb the leaderboards or earn achievements? There are many ways to earn vaccines at I Boost Immunity! 

  1. Complete a quiz – For quiz, beat the average score and you earn a vaccine! You can even re-do quizzes to earn vaccines for questions you got wrong the first time (except article and affiliate quizzes). You can track your progress here.
  2. Email an article to a friend! Click on the email logo on any article on IBI, and enter your friend’s email. If they sign up to become a booster, you’ll both earn vaccines! 
  3. Share stories and articles on social media - Just click on the Twitter or Facebook button at the top of stories, and you can earn up to 10 vaccines a week. 
  4. Complete your profile on IBI – add a photo (it can be of your dog, up to you), enter your rough geographical area, and you’ll earn more vaccines. Click here and go to "Edit" to start!
  5. Comment on articles and stories! For each comment you post on any of our articles/stories, you’ll earn vaccines. They have to be real comments, so just say something unique and react to the content!
  6. Earn achievements! Each method of earning vaccines has unique badges and achievements. These badges are awarded for major milestones – and are worth a lot of vaccines. 
  7. Buy a t-shirt! Back by popular demand, you can help fund these vaccines by purchasing one of our t-shirts! All net-proceeds go towards vaccine purchases.

Last modified: 
Apr 16, 2020