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COVID-19 FAQ for Kids!

COVID-19 FAQ for Kids!

Recently our sister site "Kids Boost Immunity" asked the students there to submit their most pressing COVID-19 questions. We found that children have a lot of insightful questions that might be difficult for most parents to answer. We've compiled the most commonly asked questions here, so that parents can refer to it when they aren't sure what to say. Enjoy!

Will kids get a Covid 19 Vaccine?

Probably yes - it is very likely that children will receive a COVID-19 vaccine at some point in time. Scientists are still learning more about the virus and which vaccine would work best for kids!

How long will the pandemic last?

This is the million dollar question. Pandemics are driven by a new germ that has not been seen in the human population before and so no humans have protection or immunity. Pandemics are also driven by germs that spread really easily between people. COVID-19 was a new virus that spreads very quickly, and scientists think that we need at least 70% of the entire population to be immune to the virus before we are able to stop further spread. The last problem is that this virus can hide in other species like bats. That means that there is a chance that the virus can go away, but come back again at a different time.

What happens if the vaccines don’t match the variants?

If there is no longer a good match between the virus and the vaccines, the vaccines will work less effectively.

What is your favourite vaccine?

If you’re not referring to COVID-19, we have to say that our favourite vaccine is the Varicella vaccine - because it’s a live virus that’s been weakened which means that your immune system builds an excellent and lifetime immune response. 

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, our favourite vaccine is the one that is being offered to us at that very point in time. We need every single person to take the first vaccine that is offered to them at the first possible moment. This will give us the best chance to beat this virus. 

Why are so many people unsure about vaccines?

There are many reasons for this, but we’ll focus on the one that you can help fix. It is very easy for all of us (including adults) to believe things that aren’t true. It just takes a few people to spread a rumour and to make people feel worried. This is why it’s important to check your sources and to make sure you get your information from reliable sources!

Why do vaccines go wrong for some people? What happens if you have a life threatening allergy to a vaccine?

Some people have allergies to parts of a vaccine, making those parts dangerous to that person. Very few people have a true, life threatening allergic reaction to any vaccine (most doctors go their entire career without meeting one person that has an allergic reaction!). If an allergist has determined that a person has such a reaction, the vaccine can be given in a place that can handle it. The vast majority of people can be vaccinated with no concerns at all.

Why is COVID-19 not a normal virus?

This is probably the most important question that we have received! COVID-19 is not a normal virus which is why we are in this pandemic. COVID-19 is part of a family of seven viruses called coronaviruses. Four of these coronaviruses cause the common cold which is easily passed from person to person but is a mild illness. Two other coronaviruses cause serious illnesses, but they are not easily passed from person to person. COVID-19 is like all of its brothers and sister viruses, but it’s a combination of both of those characteristics - it is really contagious AND can make people very sick.

Why are we not in lockdown?

This depends on where you live, but decisions about lockdowns are based on where the virus is spreading, who it is infecting, and how many people it is affecting. They also consider everything else in our lives, such as jobs, schooling, the importance of meeting friends, and so much more. If your area is not in lockdown right now, it means that after carefully thinking about the impact of a lockdown, they decided against it (for now).

How come people choose to be rude to everyone that is trying to help get rid of COVID-19? But then if a certain person tells them they will listen?

A lot of people are feeling stressed out because they are really worried about getting sick and dying from COVID-19. Other people are the exact opposite and not worried at all about COVID-19 and are angry about the lockdowns and restrictions. This doesn’t make it ok to be rude, but sometimes when people are stressed or angry (even adults!), they forget that being rude is hurtful. Often it takes a certain person in their lives to remind them that being rude is not nice!


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Apr 27, 2021