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Should Schools be Forced to Publish Vaccination Rates?

Should Schools be Forced to Publish Vaccination Rates?

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General vaccination rates are fairly easy to find for most countries around the world. Even state and province wide rates, and even city and district level information are sometimes easy to get.

But for a concerned parent, a school by school immunization rate could be an important statistic. What if you could even know the grade by grade immunization rates?

The Liberal party in Australia is currently pledging to publish the immunization rates of every school and every grade if they are elected in the next election – and it’s raising an interesting issue.

While perhaps beneficial for parents to know more about their schools, it has had some pushback from schools, citing no control over vaccination rates. Furthermore, they say that it would be very difficult for schools to keep the information up to date.

Would you want this to be available? Is it unfair to schools? Let us know in the comments!


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Mar 16, 2017


I would love to have that available. I don't have kids yet, and I'm not planning to for probably at least 10 years, but that would be an important factor in choosing a school, and by extension, a place to live. It might also encourage schools to campaign for better immunisation rates among their students.

I would love to see something like this in the US. My daughter will be entering kindergarten next year and Pennsylvania is far too lax on vaccination requirements. I'd be interested to know what the vax rates are in our area.

I'm in the US. I think this information should be available. Parents should know if there is an increased risk of their children coming into contact with vaccine preventable diseases due to low immunization rates. Teachers should know too.