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Featured Booster: Eng Cia Ying

Featured Booster: Eng Cia Ying

1 - Where do you live?

I currently reside in Moscow, but will soon be returning to my hometown in Malaysia.

2 - What do you do (for a living/as a student)?

I am a medical student.

3 - Tell us what made you passionate about immunization.

I faintly remember reading about how immunization causes autism on the internet quite some time ago. At first, I just laughed it off as I thought one opinion can't possibly change the whole immunization practice. After all, how could one single speculation convince anyone into giving up vaccination that has worked almost perfectly for decades? However, I recently came across a post on the Malaysian Ministry of Health's official Facebook page. In the post, they reported the actual number of new tetanus, polio, pertussis and measles cases in Malaysia in the past few years. It was then that I realized things had gone way too far and something had to be done immediately to counter the devastating impact of this anti-vaccine movement.

4 - What's something that you didn't know or surprised you when you did the quizzes?

I was pretty surprised, perhaps shocked, to learn the actual price of one of the vaccines. Where I've lived, the only time I actually paid for my vaccination was to get the Hepatitis B vaccines in a private clinic, and each dose cost me only about 12USD. Other times, I got them for free in school. Now I have to find out how much these vaccines cost in my country, if I were to get a booster doses as an adult.

5 - If you could give one message to vaccine hesitant parents, what would it be? 

Well, I believe in statistics. The immunization rate varies from country to country. If you are worried about a certain side effect from immunization, simply compare if the prevalence of that specific health condition in each of the countries is directly proportional to immunization rate in that country. I wonder how accurately the data will match when you try to sketch it into a graph, but we do know that childhood vaccines are effective.

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Jun 18, 2019