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Featured Booster: Katie McLellan

Featured Booster: Katie McLellan

1 - Where do you live?

I currently live in 100 Mile House, BC. I have lived here for the past five and a half years. I have previously lived in Kamloops, BC where I went to nursing school. I grew up in the rural community of Kitimat, BC. I am truly a small town girl at heart!

2 - What do you do (for a living, or studying)?

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past five a half years. I have worked in many different areas including rural acute care, public health (Promotion & Prevention Services) and most recently where I have spent most of my career: Home Health. I am also currently a graduate studies student. I am pursing my Masters of Science in Nursing hoping to transition into an educator/leadership role.

3 - Tell us what made you passionate about immunization

As a child of a Public Health Nurse, I learned early in life the importance of immunization. When I think about disease prevention, getting a needle seems insubstantial compared to suffering with an illness. Imagine a world where there are a vast number of deadly bacteria and viruses, yet no one becomes sick or contagious! I am an advocate of being healthy!

4 - What's something you didn't know or surprised you when you did the quizzes?

Something that I did not know when I did the quizzes was the vast number of people who had been diagnosed with preventable diseases! It is just amazing what vaccines have done to the health of our population. Some of those illnesses affected hundreds of thousands of people!

5 - If you could give one message to vaccine hesitant parents, what would it be?

I would tell vaccine hesitant parents to consider their sources of information. We live in the day and age where information is literally at our fingertips! This is a wonderful thing, but this can also create issues as anyone can state their opinion on the internet where it can be interpreted as fact. I would encourage vaccine hesitant parents to consult with their health care professionals, read about the deadly diseases they will prevent by vaccinating, the protection vaccines offer the sick children who are unable to be vaccinated and the timely health care interventions their child will receive when they do get sick. (During diagnosis, Physicians and Nurse Practitioners can quickly eliminate the possibility of many illnesses and diseases in your child if they have been immunized. This leads to faster diagnosis and faster treatment for your sick child!)

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Jan 23, 2017