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Featured Booster: Kayla Anderson

Featured Booster: Kayla Anderson

1 - Where do you live?

Vancouver, BC

2 - What do you do (for a living, or what do you study as a student)?

Just graduated UBC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.  Next step: Med School

3 - Tell us what made you passionate about immunization.

The fact that, as science and technology advance we are given the opportunity to protect our bodies and prevent diseases, that at one time wiped out huge groups of people, is amazing.  We are very lucky to live in a place where health care is second nature to us; however there are many countries around the world that don't get this luxury and are still struggling with infections and diseases that could have been prevented.  This initiative at IBoostImmunity, to draw awareness locally while helping donate vaccines globally, is a fantastic goal and a great way to keep people aware and thinking about how fortunate we are!

4 - What's something that you didn't know or surprised you when you did the quizzes?

When I was completing the quizzes, I was surprised at the symptoms of the diseases that have pretty much been eradicated locally but are still present in other parts of the world.  Some of theses symptoms are devastating and life threatening and the fact that we are playing with fire, by having a growing movement of anti-vaccinators and allowing the possibility for theses diseases to starting being present again, is scary.  Immunization works on the basis of herd immunity and if a larger and larger proportion of the population stops getting immunized, the reoccurrence of certain diseases and their horrendous symptoms is bound to start increasing.

5 - If you could give one message to vaccine hesitant parents, what would it be?

You are not only putting your own child at risk, but you are putting your community at risk as well. Educate yourself by learning from recognized health professionals.  Your one responsibility, as an adult and now parent, is to research the information available to you before you make an important health decision that affects your family, neighbourhood, city, and world.

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Jul 11, 2016