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Featured Booster: Moran F.

Featured Booster: Moran F.

1 - Where do you live?

In Modiin, Israel. It is a relatively new city halfway between two better known cities - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (where I grew up).

2 - What do you do (for a living)?

I am a doctor, finishing my residency in Internal Medicine and hoping to continue to Hematology.

3 - Tell us what made you passionate about immunization.

In Israel, in 2013, we had a silent Polio outbreak. No one got sick, but wild Polio strain was found in the sewer. The Health Department acted quickly, but as the outbreak was not contained by local vaccination with OPV (oral polio vaccine), a nation-wide OPV vaccine campaign was initiated (OPV was discontinued in Israel years before and we relied on IPV (injectable polio vaccine) alone). That is when the anti-vaccination movement in Israel became loud. I was in Hematology rotation at the time, and I truly feared that my patients would be hurt because of unvaccinated people. A group of people - doctors, scientists and people with no medical education but a lot of passion formed an non-profit organization aimed at making medical information more accessible to everyone. At the moment most of our activity is vaccine related since this is still a very "hot" topic here, and vaccination rates are dropping. I think the passion comes both from concern about my patients and friends who are in risk groups and would be the first to be hurt by the dropping vaccination rates and from the work in "Midaat" - working closely with a group of wonderful passionate people is a strong motivator.

The link to our group is - (Most of the site is in Hebrew, but this is our "About" page in English).

4 - What's something that you didn't know or surprised you when you did the quizzes?

Admittedly, my biggest problem was with the Canada related questions. I was surprised (and envious) to learn about the laws there regarding mature minor consent. As I shared the quizzes with the rest of the people in Midaat as well as outside supporters, everyone enjoyed them greatly, especially because of the humor.

5 - If you could give one message to vaccine hesitant parents, what would it be? 

Reading more about medical topics is great, just make sure you read in credible sources, ones that rely on medical research and consensus.


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Jun 18, 2019