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National Immunization Awareness Week 2017

National Immunization Awareness Week 2017

It's National Immunization Awareness Week 2017!

Last year for National Immunization Awareness Week, you helped us turn I Boost Immunity into a wildly successful community. Since then, we've had over 500,000 questions answered, IBI t-shirts bought (and earned by our 1000 vaccine club), and donated over 350,000 vaccines for Unicef Canada.

After a year of quizzes and 500,000 questions answered, we are now able to dive into the data and find out: what are the immunization topics that have the most misunderstandings? What vaccine myths are the most prevalent? What questions do Boosters tend to get wrong?

This National Immunization Awareness Week, we are going to have limited edition quizzes, which will feature the hardest questions on file. Each day, from Monday to Friday between April 24-28, we will have a new quiz go live, which will be available only for 24hrs. See how you stack up with your fellow Boosters!

Oh, and you'll only be able to take the quiz once!

How do you find out the link to the new quizzes? Follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, where we will share the new quiz each day!

We also have a Facebook contest, where we will donate a vaccine for every like or heart for voting on our video post!

*UPDATE* Our Facebook contest earned 448 tetanus vaccines, and 121 polio vaccines!




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May 1, 2017