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Science > Your Feelings

Science > Your Feelings

All proceeds from our store go towards funding life-saving vaccines through UNICEF Canada

Feelings are important.

Actually, they're more than that. Feelings are necessary. Crucial. Even imperative.

Why? Because without feelings life would be a nightmare (...wait…is “nightmare” a feeling too?). Feelings enable us to make decisions and act decisively, and help us do things even when information is scarce. They’re an evolutionary win for humanity, and who knows where we’d be without them.

With all that said, some feelings are pretty useless.

The feeling telling you it’s fine to eat that sushi you left out overnight? Probably worth revisiting.

The feeling that you need to close that deal with a spit pact? Warrants further analysis.

The feeling that vaccines might be a guise for implanting microchips? Needs serious re-evaluation.

And the place where feelings are least appropriate? Science!

The scientific community is methodical, objective, and factual; all traits that come to a head when confronted with uninformed feelings. This is nothing new, but the growing discourse around truth and misinformation means it’s more important than ever that science and professional opinions are amplified, listened to, and believed. It’s difficult to have open dialogue on subjects that are intertwined with feelings—like vaccination—but it’s certainly an important discussion to have. When it comes to vaccines: Science > Your Feelings

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Last modified: 
Nov 23, 2020