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We Were Secretly Testing a New School Based IBI Quiz Site!

We Were Secretly Testing a New School Based IBI Quiz Site!

Surprise! During National Immunization Awareness Week, we were secretly pilot testing a new school based I Boost Immunity site.

The idea was simple – create a version of I Boost Immunity tailored for students. Create quizzes based on their curriculum, immunization schedules, and interests. Create content based primarily around videos, comics, and pop culture. Get classes to create teams and compete against each other for prizes.

We’re happy to announce that the pilot was a great success!

Some mind-blowing facts from the pilot:

  • In less than one week, 760 students from nine schools earned over 60,000 vaccines in support of UNICEF. To put that into perspective, I Boost Immunity has a grand total of just over 400,000 vaccines!
  • 35% of all traffic was outside of regular school hours. Do you remember a time when you went home and did school tests just for the fun of it?
  • 90% of the students reported an increase in their understanding of the importance of vaccines!

One of our participating classes even made the news! The grade 8 science class at L’École Phoenix Middle School in Campbell River, BC, was featured in the Campbell River Mirror:

“[The students] are so excited…they have just jumped in head first. I even see them in the halls on their lunch break doing the challenge on their phones.  And they’re not doing it because they get some big prize at the end if they win…they’re doing it purely for the idea of helping others. It’s just amazing.”

Grade 8 teacher – Vancouver Island

Needless to say, we are very excited about this overwhelmingly positive response! We’re hoping to use this experience to create a site that can be expanded and utilized by many more schools.

If you know of a school that might be interested to learn more, please feel free to email us a info[@]iboostimmunity.com.


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May 16, 2017