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Rotavirus vaccine - for the whole family!

Rotavirus vaccine - for the whole family!

I worked at an Immuniztaion clinic and a mom came in excited to promote the rotavirus vaccine. Three of her kids were sick with diarrhea and vomiting. Her baby, though, had had two doses of the rotavirus vaccine and had no stomach issues at all. The mom wished that her entire family had the vaccine.

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Jan 4, 2019


I love hearing stories like this! I had a similar experience with a mum who had just decided to immunize against pertussis after a number of long conversations with me. Her daughter was a dancer and was exposed to pertussis at a dance competition 3 weeks after being immunized. Her daughter was the only one there who was immunized against pertussis... her daughter was the only one who didn't contract pertussis as well. She was so proud of her decision and from then on she decided that she would spread the word about immunizations!