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Youth Worker Prince Rupert

Youth Worker Prince Rupert

I work with 13-18 year olds Monday-Friday 1pm to 9pm and when I started I was getting sick all the time. I started to wash my hands all the time and use hand sanitizer all the time. It helped but I would still get sick, so I got the flu shot because my father in law stays with us and it would help him if I was not getting sick. I did not get sick after the flu shot and I have gotten one ever since.

It takes no time and I do not see the side affects that people say they get such as fever, running nose and headaches. I did have a sore spot where the needle went in my arm but that was it.

So get the flu shot not only for yourself but for others too.

Photo is me in the clinic getting our shots.

Last modified: 
Nov 17, 2017