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Chicken Pox Reduced Effects Due To Vaccines

Chicken Pox Reduced Effects Due To Vaccines

I am a mother to a beautiful little 6 year old. She is fully vaccinated. A happy, healthy little girl. 

When she was 2.5 years old, she started getting a few spots on her and a low grade fever. I thought maybe they were just flea bites. She's allergic to fleas, and they seem to love her. Due to the slight fever, I decided to take her in. The doctor diagnosed it as chicken pox. At first, I was shocked. She had the vaccine! She wasn't nearly as miserable as I was, either! So, I asked her doctor if he was sure. He told me yes. I asked how could the vaccine have failed her?! He went on to explain that vaccines are not always 100% effective, BUT the vaccine didn't fail her! Her chances of catching the disease was small, and the chances would lessen even more after the age of 4 when she had a booster. More importantly, the vaccine had helped her immune system. When she got Chicken Pox, she was able to fight it so much easier, she remained happy with only a few spots and the low grade fever. In the end, the vaccine did its job. I am more than pleased we got the vaccine and my child didn't suffer like I did. 

This is my first hand experience with vaccines and why I have felt blessed that my daughter has access to them. 

(As a note, my daughter is very happy that I'm on this site. She has wanted me to find ways to support immunization programs worldwide. I promised her I would. Then I found this site, and she is thrilled.)

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Oct 26, 2017


Great example of the importance of booster shots as well as how much a vaccine CAN work to reduce illness. It is great she was able to fight it so well. Have you visited the site ? This would be a fun one for your daughter as well! She may even want to get her school class involved in raising vaccines :)