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I Saw Mothers Cry in Refugee Camps Because of Vaccine Shortages

I Saw Mothers Cry in Refugee Camps Because of Vaccine Shortages

I was a nurse a number of years ago, working in a refugee camp.  We had wave after wave of infectious disease spread.  People were dying in huge numbers on a daily basis.  When we did get vaccine in, it was not enough.  However, we got those vaccines into the arms of children as quickly as we received them.  Parents lined up for hours, hoping to protect their child.  When we ran out, those who had patiently waited, went away, sad.  Many mothers cried.  They had seen and they knew, the devastation that vaccine preventable illnesses can cause.

I am grateful to live in Canada, where we are wealthy enough to have easy access to vaccines and the prevention of diseases they bring to all of us.

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Oct 26, 2017


It baffles me when I find out that people in Canada purposely choose to not immunize. So many mothers in so many countries would do anything to keep their children alive and healthy. Getting immunized seems like an easy decision.

We are very fortunate that we have the resources to publicly fund many vaccines for children and adults in Canada. I hope one day that every child has access to the protection immunizations provide... no matter what country they live in.