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The isolation room

The isolation room

My first job as a new graduate nurse was to be in an isolation room with a number of children from one family - all very ill with pertussis. The coughing that went on and on was frightening. I never stopped moving in each shift, going from one child to the next.

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Jan 4, 2019


Pertussis is a HORRIBLE disease. I remember doing disease follow-up with an adult who contracted it and she said to me "I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE! It's sad because my mum didn't believe in vaccination, and now, here I am in my 50s with a children's disease..." She made sure that her children were immunized after that!

I am a daughter of an anti-vaxx mother. My two younger brothers (one of them a baby of three weeks by that time) and I had pertussis. I almost died of inhaled vomit - my grandmother found and saved my life. :( I was terrified in that moment I was almost suffocating. As we all survived our mother doesn't see any problem ("Well, you aren't dead, are you?"). (Currantly all my own family and I are vaccinated.)