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Please vaccinate for those who cannot .... Nathan's story (story shared from a friend)

Please vaccinate for those who cannot .... Nathan's story (story shared from a friend)

Baby Nathan is only 2 months old and is fighting a long hard battle at Childrens Hospital in Vancouver. Little Nathan has been diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis) and pneumonia.

Have you ever thought about not vaccinating your child because you read somewhere on the Internet it causes Autism? If so, take a moment to think twice. For the past 2 weeks, his parents have sat in three different hospital rooms, each one more intense than the last, staring at their helpless two month old baby boy. The risk you thought you were going to take by vaccinating your child has now taken a toll on another child. This child who is laying here fighting for his life. This child who has now suffered numerous infections, a collapsed lung, a blood clot, daily Xray's, ultrasounds, brain scans, breathing tubes and every sort of IV antibiotic/drug you can think of. To make that tube down his throat, allowing him to breath, more comfortable he has been sedated the whole time. How would you feel watching your innocent child fight for his life knowing the cause could have been prevented? Please, next time you think it's not worth it, think of Nathan! If you are someone who does believe in vaccinating please take a moment to think about getting your boosters for them. As we get older those vaccines we received as children wear off and thus require a booster - FYI. ♡ Nathan's parents hope their less than ideal situation has made some think twice about potentionally putting others at risk.

The day of a family get together, Nathan stopped breathing. He was rushed to the ER. That night they decided he should be air lifted to an urban centre to get care he needed from specialists. It was there he was diagnosed with whooping cough and pneumonia. He was sedated, and intubated as he wasn't able to breathe on his own. After Nathan was not improving the tough decision was made to air lift him to Children's Hospital. He is now in the best place possible, receiving the best care possible, but he is a long way from home.

Most people are not aware that whooping cough is very dangerous to immunocompromised people. Babies are at an extreme risk and in some cases it can be fatal. His parents are by his side helping him fight. They need to be with their baby boy while he battles for his life. The expenses of being away from home are mounting. Nathan also has a big brother who needs to be able to travel to see his Mom and Dad as much as possible. It's likely Nathan will be at Childrens for at least another 3 months.

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Jul 15, 2021


A great reminder to the community about the importance of immunizations to protect those who are too young to get the protection themselves!

Oh poor Nathan and his family! My heart goes out to them as they likely aren't able to see him every day due to him being so far from home and this all could have been prevented if herd immunity was high enough to protect him...

I hope he gets better. If for nothing else, we should all be immunized to protect those who are helpless. Absolutely horrible. Even if it the autism thing were true, I think it would be better to live as an autistic person (which isn't really all that bad) than to know that I have the death of such a young child on my hands.

I watched my own brother fight whopping cough, three years ago. To this day he still has the cough. I hope Nathan pulls through. Vaccines are a matter of life or death.

Poor Nathan and his family. This situation terrifies me and I feel that when I have kids I will have a hard time taking them out anywhere! It is so sad that innocent people suffer as a result of other peoples' poor decisions. It goes to show the importance of herd immunity for sure! It also helps to check with friends and family who will be around your infant that they have received their pertussis shots/boosters.