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Immunization and vaccinations are important to me because SCIENCE!

I'm no doctor and no scientist, but I try to think critically and not get caught up in emtionally-manipulative blogs or opinion pieces that promote psuedo-science or reject actual science. I know the historical context of vaccines and have read enough to understand how they have helped to conquer devastating diseases. It is not apathy or snake oil that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, it is science.

I am married to an amazing woman whose immune system is weaker than it should be. As a result, we are both very careful in regards to protecting ourselves from infectious and preventable diseases. If we encounter people who state they don't beleive in vaccines, this translates in a very real way to them making things unsafe for my wife. Herd immunity is critical to proetcting our communities and my wife, and to hear people saying they reject this form of protection means they are rejecting science as well.

I want to live a long and healthy life, and I want the same from my family, friends and community. I do believe that anti-vaxxers want the same thing, but they do not think critically to look past the misinformation.

Vaccines do work - it is science.

Last modified: 
Oct 26, 2017