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Vaccine memories from a nurse

Vaccine memories from a nurse
I’m a nurse.

I was new to vaccinating babies and I was working in a new community. There hadn’t been a nurse working there for some time and many babies were behind on their vaccines, so I spent a lot of time giving shots.

I casually grumbled about this to an older nurse who had spent many years in the hospital. She hoisted herself up and became very firm and direct. She said:

“You're too young. You don’t remember. You don’t remember when babies would come to the hospital and all we could do was walk with them while they screamed and when they stopped screaming we knew they had died. It was awful and we felt so helpless. So go vaccinate those babies and don’t apologise for it. Things are so much better now, we don’t need the big pediatric wards like we used to."

I don’t ever complain about giving needles anymore."

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Oct 26, 2017