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Whoop, There It Is

Whoop, There It Is

My sister and I were vaccinated for Pertussis early, as our mom was a nurse and knew that vaccines were the best way to protect us.

Unfortunately, my sister still caught the disease when she was about 7 years old.  I was only a year older, and had a bedroom across the hall from hers.

One night it got especially bad, and she couldn't catch her breath at all, so my dad wrapped her in a blanket and took her outside into the cold night air.  I had cracked my door open and watched them pass by.  She was so pale and white in the light coming in from the window, and her squeaks and cries as she struggled to breathe stay with me to this day.

From then on, I have always been a light sleeper and, if anyone in my household coughs in the night I will wake up instantly and listen to make sure they are still breathing.  And when I have children, they are most definitely getting vaccinated... for everything!  Because that kind of suffering should not happen to ANYONE.

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Oct 26, 2017


When I was mere months old, I got whooping cough and was hospitalized for almost a week. I obviously don't remember this but there are pictures of me in a crib under an oxygen tent. Definitely a scary disease and no child (and parent) should have to go through that!

What a scary experience. It is so frustrating the number of outbreaks that are seen these days due to anti-vaccination. Continue to share your story! Thank you for sharing.