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Why Vaccines Matter to Me

Why Vaccines Matter to Me

Vaccinations are of the utmost importance to me.

I am a religious person, and to me over hundreds of years prayers have been asked to end the suffering of loved ones, to be able to cure these horrendous diseases that not that long ago would take the lives of those we love. Through scientific development and genius minds, we were blessed with those cures/prevention methods.

The answer to the prayers that so many before us sought after. Why would we not utilize them? We are blessed that our generation, our parents' generations in North America, have not had to witness the suffering resulting from some of these diseases.

To see the pain as someone tries to care for a loved one while exposing themselves to the same fate. To see parents outliving children. We are blessed that most of us have not had to experience these things. This is all as a result of vaccinations. To want to put ourselves at risk, our children, and others at risk of that happening again for whatever reason is absurd.

To me what ever side effects come from vaccinations are minute compared to those caused by the illnesses they are preventing (or limiting the effects of). There are thousands of people/children across Canada that are unable to receive vaccinations due to age or health restrictions. In order for them to be protected, those of us who can, need to be protected. Why would someone put not only themselves at risk but also their children and others, for something that can be prevented? That I do not understand.

So, I will be vaccinated, my children and when the time comes, my grandchildren will be vaccinated. This is to protect not only our family but those whose families are unable to protect themselves. This is our civil duty.

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Oct 26, 2017


I agree. No one should have to suffer or needlessly die from something we can easily prevent. And it's our job as parents to do what we can to make sure our children outlive us.

Great article. We often see religious groups refusing vaccinations, but you make a great point of 'why not utilize the answer to your prayers'. Thank you for sharing your point of view.