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Intro - Guess the Celebrity Vaccine Quiz
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Question 1

Consider yourself a pop culture pro?

Think you’ve got what it takes to identify your favourite celebrities from nothing but a rolled-up sleeve and (potentially questionable) tattoos?

Then put yourself to the test with our celeb vaccination quiz! Score better than the average, and you’ll earn a vaccine for UNICEF!

Yep, let's get started!

I'm glad the pictures are blurred, I need the challenge!

Take a quiz & earn a vaccine for someone in need!
For every quiz you get right, we’ll donate one vaccine to UNICEF Canada.
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Answer quizzes to earn vaccines for those in need! Beat the average score, and we'll donate one vaccine through UNICEF Canada.


vaccines have been earned to support UNICEF since 2016

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Earn more vaccines by reading & sharing

For every story that you share on social media, a vaccine will be donated to those in need.
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Check out our merchandise. All profits go towards buying vaccines for UNICEF!