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Affiliate Program

Are You A Pro-Vax Organization? Join I Boost Immunity's Affiliate Program! 

At I Boost Immunity we offer pro-vax organizations an opportunity to create customized quizzes on our site. Questions are generally about vaccination and diseases, but they can also highlight your organization's accomplishments, history, and goals. Working together, we create a quiz that targets your demographic that we can share with our Boosters, and you can share with your network! We have over 24,000 registered users who are part of the I Boost Immunity network from all over the world. After your quiz has run for a few weeks we will share with you the results to help you understand what your audience knows (or doesn't know) about the issues you care about. 

If you would like to learn more about how the program works, contact us

We have had affiliate quizzes with the following organizations:

BC Pharmacy Association Immunize Canada Gavi Immunize Canada Interior Health BC March of Dimes Canada Northern Health BC Toronto Public Health Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre UNICEF Canada Island Health BC WithinReach Washington

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Last modified: 
Mar 18, 2024