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November Boosters

November Boosters

Located in and around Vancouver and looking to earn points for vaccines? We're a temporary team aiming to raise as many points as we can in November.

Act locally. Vaccinate globally.

Immunization boosters in this team have earned 26 vaccinations for children in support of UNICEF this round.

They earned 693 vaccinations in the previous round.

Team Latest Content

I worked at an Immuniztaion clinic and a mom came in excited to promote the rotavirus vaccine. Three of her kids were sick with diarrhea and vomiting.

In 1975, I worked in a third world country where I was doing some public health follow-up on T.B.

I support immunization because I contracted chickenpox when I was 3 months pregnant. It led to a very long pregnancy full of fear and trepidation about the health of my new baby.

Top Vaccine Earners
Name Vaccines
Trout92 18
jps 8